Chairperson: Jacques van Blerk

083 873 8518

Secretary: Antonette Mynhardt

071 680 2314

Enthusiasm Without Envy

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About Us

Shortly after Comrades 2008, Pietersburg Road Runners was established by founding members Johan van der Merwe, Corine van der Merwe, Pierre Bantjes, Erika Bantjes, Martin Potgieter and Colinda Potgieter.

The club was affiliated with Lima in November 2008 and the current Committee members are a dynamic group with ample experience and zeal for the sport and the club.

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Our motto & what it embodies

Enthusiasm without Envy is our motto, one that our members pursue with passion. The motto places a responsibility on every member to at all times perform their best, without prejudice to others. Road racing is an individual sport, practiced in a group and requires sportsmanship, determination, and loyalty. We trust that each member embodies this motto and makes it their own.

What is the “sperstreep”?

The “Sperstreep” is the Club’s newsletter which is distributed weekly or after Committee Meetings.

It keeps members abreast of club events, upcoming races, race results, birthdays and all other relevant information. Members are encouraged to contribute to the Sperstreep. Kindly share your stories, photos and/or information by e-mailing Colinda: The newsletter is available at the clubhouse at the time trial and sent per e-mail at your request.

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Our Vision

Pietersburg Road Runners is a relatively “young” club with a clear vision. We believe that each member contributes to the club and our family. We believe in uplifting participation, our Committee is transparent and democratic and it is of utmost importance to us that each member enjoys the sport and the camaraderie.

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